Current version : 1.0, stable version.
License : GPL.
SourceForge project page.

visualTclCheck is a Tk GUI interface to the TclPro static checker tool.
I discovered a few time ago that the TclPro tools from Scriptics/Ajuba (now InterWoven) were now free, under GPL license. The more interesting for me is the checker. It is a command line tool, and I use Windows (at work, often at home), so with the awful MSDOS "shell", a graphical interface was necessary :-)

So I started to write an interface for selecting files, calling checker tool on it and displaying result. I wrote it faster than I expected, and it looks to me enough friendly for releasing it as a GPL free software.

The project is hosted on SourceForge, and you can report bugs, request features, use forums, access to the files, etc., on the SourceForge project page.
If you don't know what SourceForge is, you can go on the site.

For those who wants to know how works the version numbering of visualTclCheck :
<major> is the major version number, it changes when important modifications are done.
<minor> is the minor version number, it changes when less important modifications are done, bug fixes, etc.
<status> is a character for the development status, a for alpha version, b for beta version, nothing for stable version.


04-March-2001 Release of version 1.0, stable version. The name of the project has been changed from vTclCheck to visualTclCheck. The old name could be confusing with the tclCheck tool of Lindsay Marshall at
Except this, few changes, only the widget resizing rewritten, multi-language for the checker dialog box, and a more portable way of managing file names.
Now the files can only be accessed on the Sourceforge project site, no more on this page.

24-feb-2001 I did the packages for the 1.0b version. You can find through this page the .zip for Windows and the .tar.gz for others ; the content is the same. This version is considered as beta because it needs more testing and because the resizing of widgets does not work as it should. Packages will be soon put on SourceForge.

23-feb-2001 the SourceForge project has been created yesterday, and I started to feed it : web page uploaded, SF project configuration, etc. At this time, visualTclCheck itself is not yet uploaded, I have to configure WinCVS, to build packages, etc.



You need Tcl/Tk 8.3 and of course the TclPro tools. You can get both from the Scriptics/Ajuba site.
It has been tested on Windows 98/ME with TclPro 1.4.1. I don't know if it will work with other versions of TclPro.
The interface has been tested on GNU/Linux.
For details read the readme file.

If you have information on the supported systems, versions, please report it to me or use the forums on SourceForge.

ToDo and Bugs

I made a basic tool, with just a little bit more than the minimum for being useful. So some things are missing :

And some things doesn't work well :

Screen Shoots

The mandatory screenshots :

Windows, the result of a check with source display and extended help
visualTclCheck Windows screen shot

GNU/Linux, an edited file with the checker selection dialog box
visualTclCheck GNU/Linux screen shot


You can download visualTclCheck on the SourceForge pages. There is a .zip file for Windows users and a .tar.gz file for others, but the content is the same. You will find all the released versions.
You can also access to CVS tree or browsing it with cvsweb. More details can be found here.


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